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Porting TWRP to More Devices

A lot of people ask us if or why don't we support device "X" with TWRP.  The cold hard truth is that TWRP is a free and open source project.  Pretty much all of our revenue comes from ads and donations and those revenue streams don't amount to a whole lot of money.  This means that we don't have a lot of extra revenue to buy devices for porting TWRP.  The vast majority of devices that we do own are bought with our own money and not with "TWRP money."

Since TWRP is open source, rather than depending …

Author: Dees_Troy on 06-05-2012
TWRP 2.1

About a month ago we decided to start working on TWRP again. We still believe that TWRP offers a lot of great features. TWRP is also very fast and very easy to use.  Yesterday marked the release of TWRP 2.1 for almost all supported devices as well as support for a few new devices.

In concert with this new release of TWRP is the release of GooManager 2.0.  TWRP 2.1 and GooManager 2.0 were designed to work with each other.  We believe that this synergy between app and recovery will make it easier for …

Author: Dees_Troy on 04-11-2012
TeamWin Site UpdatesIn preparation of some big changes, we have updated the look and feel of our site.  Some new changes include an improved comment system, commenting on blogs, breadcrumbs, and a more organized layout!  Enjoy :)Author: s0up on 01-04-2012
We Bid Adieu...

We are sorry that Agrabren (aka Silky Johnson) has decided to leave TeamWin. It is unfortunate that things had to turn out the way they did. Still, we wish him the best in his future development projects. For the time being, TWRP 2 development will slow down. Rest assured, we will be hard at work to get it back up to speed. Thanks.

Author: shift on 01-03-2012
TWRP 2.0 Release Candidate 0 is here!

 I'll keep this short.  TWRP2 is here in RC status.  Come and get it!

Click here for the TWRP2 project page and then select your device in the upper right.

-- Kevan

Author: kevank on 12-18-2011
TWRP2 work continues....

TWRP2 work continues... We're wrapping things up, hoping for a holiday release.

-- TeamWin

Author: kevank on 12-07-2011
Supporting devices in recovery...

So I (Agrabren) commonly get asked why we're not "finishing up TWRP" and instead, are supporting more and more devices. So let me explain how this helps everyone. For starters, the TWRP team is not just one person. The core of the UI logic has been done for a while, but there is still a lot of little things that need to be tweaked and tested, all of which are happening every day. It's also very important that a recovery system be robust and stable. This isn't some run-of-the-mill app that you can re-launch every time it crashes. This …

Author: agrabren on 11-28-2011
Starting down the road to TWRP 3...

Even thought TWRP 2 isn't even out yet, plans are being made for TWRP 3. Like the movie industry, with it's constant rebooting of franchises, TWRP 3 is a reboot of recovery. Hence the blog name, rebooting in recovery. While working on TWRP 2, I realized that trying to build a recovery system based on the AOSP recovery engine has severe limitations. So instead of continuing to try to hack around these problems and find new and creative ways to patch it, we're starting from scratch. I've appointed myself the primary architect for TWRP 3 (as …

Author: agrabren on 11-11-2011
twrp - TWRP - twrp it's all about twrp

So as you might have guessed, it has been a busy time for TeamWin.  After the successful first release of TWRP, development has continued and TWRP 1.1 is now feature frozen. Some more bug hunting and fixing and we should see a 1.1 release soon.

TRWP 2.0 hit the blogsphere this week with our first look on Android Central and tonight's article on Engadget.  Development is going strong but there is a long way to go.  Check back here for updates.

Before I wrap this up, a quick plug for my latest project - TWurl a url …

Author: kevank on 09-28-2011
Welcome to the new TeamW.in

On the heels of the TeamWin Recovery Project release we have moved out of the GeoCities era site we had and into our new site.  On the new site you will find info for each TeamWin member, project information and this blog.   The new TeamW.in will be used to communicate new projects, updates to existing projects and other things happening with the team. 

This new site is currently in beta and will evolve over the next couple of weeks.  If you find any "opportunities" for improvement please let us know.

Special …

Author: kevank on 08-02-2011
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