HDMwIn - HDMI mirroring for Evo4G
This application smoothly mirrors the display from your HTC EVO 4G through the micro-HDMI port to your display device!
Sound output through HDMI works!!
Works with both Sense and AOSP roms but your EVO 4G must be rooted and have a supported kernel installed.  A supported kernel is already included with CM7.

Note that there is another HDMI app made by a different developer.  That app and developer are not associated with Team Win.  His app used to work on non-rooted EVO 4G devices, but our understanding is that he has been unable to make it work on non-rooted phones after the EVO 4G's 2.3 Gingerbread update. Due to the new kernel changes, we do not believe that HDMI mirroring will be possible on a non-rooted phone.