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Team Win strives to provide a quality product.  However, it is your decision to install our software on your device.  Team Win takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur from installing or using twrp.


The Xperia 2011 and 2012 devices have a recovery-in-boot arrangement. This means that the recovery is booted using the regular kernel / boot image in the device. Team Win has worked with the CyanogenMod device maintainers to come up with a way to extract the ramdisk from the FOTAKernel partition and use the ramdisk from that partition instead of the recovery that is included in the boot image of your device. This means that if you install current CM10 and CM10.1 nightlies and flash TWRP to the FOTAKernel partition, you will be able to use TWRP instead of the CWM that normally comes in a CM boot image. Other boot images including stock kernels can be repacked to include this extraction utility to allow you to use TWRP from the FOTAKernel partition. This setup allows you to choose what recovery you want to have installed and allows you to update your recovery more easily.  Unfortunately this setup requires that the boot image that you have installed include the ramdisk extraction utility.  The source for this utility is here:

This utility is designed to work in conjunction with the current methods that CM uses for the ramdisk which can also be used on stock kernels.

Device Specific Known Issues:

  • None

Download - Stock Kernel:

This file is a stock kernel with the ramdisk repacked to include TWRP recovery. It also includes the ramdisk extractor so you can install a custom recovery in the FOTAKernel partition and this boot image will boot that ramdisk instead.

Download the above file.  Turn off your device.  Hold volume up on the device and plug it into your computer.  The device will now be in fastboot mode.  Run the following command via the command line:

fastboot flash boot filename.img

Note that you will need to change the last part to match the name of the file that you just downloaded.  You will also need adb and fastboot for your computer.

Download - FOTAKernel Image:

Download the latest .img file from here

Download the above file. Copy the file to /sdcard/fotakernel.img and run the following commands using terminal emulator or in adb shell:


dd if=/sdcard/fotakernel.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p11